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Donna or Flan. 19. Vietnamese. Canada.

I love funny and cute things. I often rage in my tags.

I like most anime and manga series in general. K-Pop & J-Rock as well.

If not K-dramas, then figure skating will be the death of me.

None of the photos/art I post are mine unless otherwise stated.

Skype: coffeeflan
League of Legends: Flan

About me

Sep 23 '14


Gurren Lagann means a whole lot to me because the basic premise of Kamina’s catchphrase is:

"Wow, you don’t believe in yourself? I’m not going to tell you that you’re wrong for feeling that way, but I believe in you. If you believe in me, too, we can support each other where we need it the most. And maybe someday you’ll see in yourself what I see in you."

And thinking about that makes me tear up, not gonna lie.

Sep 23 '14

100% sure im ugly as hell and yet I still expect to be in a relationship with a hot person

Sep 23 '14
Sep 22 '14


The fact that Oikawa and Hisoka share the same seiyuu, will never not mess me up.

Sep 22 '14



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Sep 22 '14
  • Me: I wish Uta had a bigger role in Tokyo Ghoul
  • Me after chapter 143: No not like that
Sep 22 '14

A friendly reminder that Uta has always been sadistic and violent. 


A friendly reminder that Uta has always been sadistic and violent. 
Sep 22 '14


at the beginning : Uta yes

at the end : Uta no

Sep 21 '14

Steven Yeun explains how his character has survived for so long on The Walking Dead

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Sep 21 '14

140918 Yuna Kim : Love her hair and Makeup :D

140918 Yuna KimLove her hair and Makeup :D

Sep 20 '14


Wakaba Higuchi || JGP Chezh Skate 2014

Sep 19 '14

Free! Characters: present + past

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Sep 19 '14


You spend to many lonely nights dreaming about Tachibana?
Now you have a chance to hug his soft (too soft) body every night and wake up with him by your side every morning!
Maybe you want to take him to the pool or beach? Here are two sides of Makoto, for you particular situations!
And just look, he has some long and sweet thing in his hands for these hot days!
So all you have to do is:
1) reblog! No follow needed
2) do it as many times, as you want!
3) open your ask box
4) wait till 25 September!

Thank you for being with me!
And yes, I had so much fun writing this post :DD

Sep 19 '14

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Sep 17 '14


Yuzuru Hanyu - Monster Hunter 4G CM Making [x]